Thursday, March 05, 2009

2009-10 Buffalo Jills Captains 

Posted by James at 2:58 PM ET

First the sad news:

Jamie, Buffalo JillsJamie, Buffalo Jills
Two retiring captains, a pair of seven-year vets: 2005 Pro Bowl Rep Jamie and Kelly.

And now the 2009-10 Captains and Co-Captains:

Buffalo JillsBuffalo JillsBuffalo Jills
Captains Omarlla (10th year), Eileen (10th Year),
Nicole (6th year)

Buffalo JillsBuffalo JillsBuffalo Jills
Co-Captains Katie (6th year), Christina (4th year), Jill (3rd year)

Ambassador Squad:

Danielle, Buffalo JillsKeisha, Buffalo Jills
Captain Danielle (4th year) and Co-Captain Keisha (3rd year)

All the details at Phil's Jills and Bandettes Blog.

Jills Auditions are Sunday, March 29th.

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