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Gena Blogs from the Pro Bowl - Part 1
Feb 4, 2009

Aloha from Honolulu!

I arrived late last night and just had time to do a little unpacking and meet my roommate Ireivy from the Miami Dolphins. The first order of business was to get a good night's sleep to prepare for the long day of rehearsals ahead. Ireivy and I hit it off immediately and chatted excitedly as we got ready for our first big day.

Breakfast set the tone for how the rest of the week would be. It was amazing- we walked to a beautiful ballroom with a breathtaking view of the ocean... we jumped at the chance for our first photo-op together as the 2009 pro bowl squad. After french toast and bacon, we got to hear a little from the E2K staff. They were unbelievable and just so inspirational.

We had just a few minutes to freshen up and change into our uniforms for the squad photo by the pool. It was so windy that we had to wait for a few minutes until the wind died down and took as many shots as possible. Well, it turned out beautiful!

After a quick lunch, we were ready to begin rehearsals and start to practice in our new squad lines. It was so fun to see how the squads came together just as if they had been dancing together for months. We reviewed each of 8 sideline routines and set our formations. I am going to be honest- this was the hardest and longest day of practice I think I have ever experienced. But it was also the best! It has been such a blast meeting each of the ladies and getting to know them better.


Gena Blogs from the Pro Bowl - Day 2
Feb 6, 2009


Hello again!

I'm finally back in my hotel room at the end of an exciting day. We were up bright and early today to meet again in the Niihau room for breakfast. Each of us were so happy to find new Reebok sneakers awaiting us on our place settings! We took the opportunity to snap a few more photos before our team meeting and then we were off for the day.

Our first three hours were spent rehearsing our pre-game routine and perfecting our sideline routines for upcoming appearances. What an intense workout! We were dancing our little hearts out pretty much the entire time. Then we were divided up into our squad lines to head out to appearances. We had only a few minutes to freshen up then we were on our way.

My squad line, "NFC 2" was headed for two children's hospitals here in Honolulu. We visited with children ranging from only three weeks old to 17 years old. It was so wonderful to spend time bringing smiles to those little faces. We really enjoyed every minute of it! We were sad when it was time to leave, but we needed to change and get ready for the NFL Welcome Party and Luau.

The party was such a great time! We enjoyed delicious Hawaiian food while the hula dancers and singers entertained the audience. A few of us even got to practice our hula skills on stage.

That's all for now, more tomorrow!


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