Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Raven Dancer Selected as KC Cheerleader 

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By Laura Wadle
The Circuit
Junior Benedictine dancer Lauren Berendino was selected as a member of the Kansas City Chiefs’ cheer squad.

That weekend, over 140 tried out in several different events including a talent portion, solo dance routine, photo shoot and runway walk. The participants were even quizzed on their football knowledge.

The 140 were cut in half and then cut again until only 24 remained to comprise next season’s Chiefs Cheerleaders.

The majority of those selected have already cheered with the Chiefs before; Berendino was one of only six who are brand new to the program.

Lauren Chiefs Cheerleader

This was Berendino’s second year of trying out for the Chiefs cheerleaders. She said she is ready and eager to work with people and perform.

“I can’t wait to be able to watch the games from the field and help Chiefs fans maintain their title of being the loudest fans in the NFL,” she said.

The members of BC’s dance team are all proud of their fellow teammate.

“Lauren’s super excited and so are we. I think it’s fabulous,” head dance coach Stephanie Redd said.

As for now, Berendino is continuing to dance with the BC team until the end of this school year.

“The dance team at Benedictine has helped me grow so much,” Berendino said. “Without BC dance, I would not have been able to become a Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleader”.

Because there will be constant conflicts in the two teams’ schedules because of practices and various games, it will not be possible for Berendino to be on both squads. Because of her new commitment, she decided to dance solely for the Chiefs. She plans to attend as many BC football games as possible in 2009 to support her former teammates.

Berendino prepared for the auditions since the end of October.

She now has the rare opportunity to be featured at public appearances throughout the Kansas City area, become a role model to 300 Junior Chiefs Cheerleaders and be trained by top industry professionals in fitness, glamour, dance performance and public speaking. She will perform in front of over 80,000 fans at the Chiefs’ Arrowhead Stadium.

“The Chiefs’ cheer leading program is absolutely amazing,” Berendino said. “Beyond what people see at the games, they are extremely active in the community…and they make sure they are motivating members of the community to lead a happy, healthy life.”

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