Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nets Dancer Says She's Related To Abraham Lincoln 

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By Darren Rovell
Nets Dancer BonnieWhen Bonnie Lincoln went on a class field trip to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C., she told her eighth grade classmates that she was part of Abraham Lincoln's family tree.

"They didn't believe me," said Lincoln, 23, who is now a member of the New Jersey Nets dancers.

But with the 16th President of the United States turning 200 on Thursday, Lincoln says she's a little bit more well-versed this time around. Although Abraham Lincoln was born 1809, Bonnie says her great uncle found out it goes back to 17th century England and two brothers named John and Richard Lincoln. Abraham, she says, was eight generations down from Richard. Bonnie is 13 generations down from John, making them distant cousins.

Bonnie says her parents' house in New Jersey has a couple reminders that make the connection. There's an oil painting of Lincoln, a penny collection and an actual piece of the log cabin, which Bonnie is holding in this picture. The wood chip was obtained by her great grandfather, who she says helped restore Lincoln's famous log cabin in Illinois in 1907.

Bonnie says no one in her immediate family looks like Lincoln, who was 6-foot-4 and had that famous facial hair. "No beards and my dad is only 6-foot-1," she admits.

As to whether she has any unique dirt on Lincoln for us. "C'mon," says Bonnie, who is in her first year with the Nets dance team. "He was called 'Honest Abe' for a reason."

[New Jersey Nets Dancers]

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