Friday, February 20, 2009

Five Squads, One Weekend: The Sixers Dancers 

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Okay, finally wrapping up "Five Squads, One Weekend" with the talented and charming Sixers Dancers. (Sorry this has been taking so long, I've been working on that BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, that is probably now just 7-10 days away)

Christian Naven, the Head Coach of the Sixers Dancers, was kind enough to arrange for access to watch her team warm-up prior to the Miami-Philadelphia game on February 7th.

Sixers Dancers

There are 16 Sixers Dancers, but only 15 in the photo. There's a rotation in place and each game one dancer (in this case Nina) is off. Dancers wearing pants will stay out on the court during the game. That's a new wrinkle this season, and one that has been a real hit with the fans.

Sixers Dancers

This was the 5th game of a 7-game homestand, and the Sixers Dancers schedule looked something like: game, practice, game, practice, game, practice....you get the idea. One day off was squeezed in there someplace. Such is the life of an NBA Dancer.

Sixers Dancers
Jessica is a former Memphis Grizzlies Dancer.

Sixers Dancers
Vi (pronounced just like the letter) is ninth grade math teacher.

Sixers Dancers
Melanie is one of the 10 NBA Dancers in this year's edition of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

The rest of my photos here.

Check out the recently updated Sixers Dancers website here.

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