Wednesday, February 18, 2009

DC Body Armor Dance Team 

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DC Body Armor

The DC Armor is proud to announce its dance team the DC Body Armor. The team is led by dance team coordinators, Bea Codjoe and Jane Said. "We plan to feature exciting and electric dance performances that are distinctively DC and representative of its world class status," said Bea Codjoe. "We have a cast of 24 women that can really dance! Fans will love them!" said Tyjuane Sharpe, Dance Team Choreographer.

The team is more sizable than many in the league with 24 women in its ranks. "We wanted to keep the game day exciting and felt like a larger team of talent could better engage the crowd." said Jane Said. On game day, they intend to be available for pictures, games and fun before, during and after games serving both as a dance team and a spirit team.

The DC Body Armor will be performing around town leading up to the team's inaugural game on April 4th. Currently, the Body Armor has been scheduled to appear at the Shamrock Festival, DC Marathon, Roller Girls Games, and several local bars and restaurants.

For more photos and information visit DCArmor.com.

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