Thursday, January 01, 2009

Raiderette of the Year Awards 

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By Valerie Grogg
RaiderettesThe four Raiderette award winners were announced at half time during the Silver and Black's final home game of 2008.

The Oakland Raiderette Awards took place during the Silver and Black’s final home game of 2008. The day was successful on all fronts, as four Raiderettes were rewarded for their outstanding accomplishments and the Raiders beat the Houston Texans 27-16. The award ceremony took place following a cheerful holiday-themed halftime performance by the Raiderettes.

There were three awards distributed to four very deserving Raiderettes who have demonstrated enthusiasm, dedication, and outstanding performance throughout this entire season. The awards given were Dancers of the Year, Rookie of the Year, and Raiderette of the Year. Raiderette Director Karen Kovac and Assistant Choreographer Laura Jollay presented these prestigious and hard-earned awards.

The Dancers of the Year were presented to two members of the squad who always show extraordinary energy on the field. The two Raiderettes who were acknowledged for their enthusiasm and accuracy in dance were Kathleen and Angel, both second-year Raiderettes.

The Rookie of the Year is an award given out to a first-year Raiderette who demonstrates a great extent of dedication and passion to the squad. This year’s award was presented to Jonni.

Finally, the Raiderette of the Year is an award given to a squad member who defines a Raiderette on and off the field. The objective of a Raiderette is to show commitment, effort, enthusiasm, and involvement with the community. This year’s Raiderette of the Year is Serrita, who is enjoying her fifth year with the squad.

As the Raiderette of the Year, Serrita will have the chance to represent Football’s Fabulous Females at the 2009 NFL Pro Bowl in Honolulu, Hawaii. This week-long trip will give Serrita the opportunity to join cheerleaders from the other NFL teams and learn a few new dance routines to perform during the game and at halftime of the Pro Bowl. In addition, participants will attend corporate, NFL and charity events throughout the week. The Raider Nation wishes Serrita good luck as she joins CB Nnamdi Asomugha and P Shane Lechler on their trip to the 2009 NFL Pro Bowl.

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