Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Jersey Ironmen Dancers 

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Ironmen Dance Team

This season, the New Jersey Ironmen are part of a new soccer league, the XSL. The 'X' stands for Xtreme. Xtreme doesn't just apply to the brand of soccer being played. The Ironmen Dancers are extremely talented, charming and busy. The ladies pull double duty as New Jersey Devils Dancers. The dancers rotate games, so they do get a few nights off during the week.

Directing both squads is Rutgers grad Jacqueline Ritchie. She was working in Finance when she was laid off back in the Fall, but the next day the Devils offered the director's job. It all worked out for the best. Jacqueline says it would have been impossible starting a new team from scratch, while continuing to run the Ironmen Dancers and working full-time.

Ironmen Dance Team
Team Captain Cydny during pre-game rehearsal

Ironmen Dance Team
End of the 1st Quarter performance

Ironmen Dance Team
Halftime performance

Ironmen Dance Team
After the game, fans could get photos and autographs of the Dancers in the Ice Lounge.

More of my photos in the gallery.

For more on the Ironmen Dancers, including videos of their performances check out their MySpace page here.

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