Sunday, January 18, 2009

Local Cheerleader Turned Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader 

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From WTOV9.com
JaimeAs the Pittsburgh Steelers prepare to take on the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, a local father and his daughter will be having a match up of their own in the stands at Heinz Field.

Jamie Andreozzi is a Brooke High School graduate turned professional Cheerleader. She's now the captain for the Baltimore Ravens squad.

For Sunday's game she will be watching from the stands with her father.

"I hope we don't get in a fight up there. But if we do I guarantee big daddy will win," said Jim Andreozzi.

"It's a win, win for me either way. Being from this area you're a Steelers fan growing up. Since I've moved to Baltimore and now cheer there, I've been watching this team do well this year," said Jaime Andreozzi.

If the ravens would win, Jamie said she will be heading to Tampa to cheer on the team from the field. But, she said if the Steelers win the AFC match up, she'll be rooting for her home town team during the Superbowl.

Watch a video of this report here.

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