Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Ice Girls from Germany:
DEG Metros Stars Silver Stars 

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Here's the latest from Germany from our friend Michael Fischer:

Here is my secret ice hockey cheerleader team from Düsseldorf - the DEG Silver Stars. The Silver Stars were trained by my well known ex-(football)cheerleaders Manuela Maas (<- Kitty dan) and Tanja Weiss. The SILVER STARS were managed by Petra Gronau. Petra was one of the first German cheerleaders of the Düsseldorf Panthers 30 years ago. Petra has long experience in cheerleading and if a new customer don't come forth to plan his event- Petra knows best. Last October, the SILVER STARS have got new costumes, more black with red and silver. So, we took photos at the costume presentation on the field of ISS Dome. The photos were for the Cheerleader Special of the DEG Gameday News Mag.

Silver Stars
Coaches Manuela Maas, Petra Gronau, Tanja Weiss

Silver Stars
The Silver Stars

The Silver Stars were booked every year from the ADAC (Common Automobile Club Germany) for the Supercross event in the Westfalenhall in Dortmund. The girls told me, this event is so awesome that I must watch it. At the beginning there were big pyro and laser shows and top pilots drove freestyle after the finals. Fast machines, very loud, action non-stop three days long.

Michael's photos in the gallery.

More Silver Stars here and here.

Michael's website is CheerDancers.com.

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