Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fly Khicks 

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The third season of America's Best Dance Crew premiered last night. One of the teams this season is Fly Khicks.

Fly Khicks

Fly Khicks, the Flyest Chicks with the Flyest Khicks, are a group of six former Miami Heat Dancers.

"ABDC 3" -- Fly Khicks, Week 1

Fly Khicks of Miami Sizzle ABDC Season3

From the recap at TheCelebrityCafe.com:
Mario thanks DJ Rashida and introduces the Fly Khicks. They are from Miami and they were Miami heat dancers. They all have a severe addiction to sneakers. They want to break the girl-group molds from previous seasons. They perform to a mix including “Milkshake.” They get some good height in their tricks along with good choreography. They also do some cheerleader lifts. They use a lot of booty as well. They end lifting their sneakers ala Fanny Pak with their Fanny Packs. Shane loves the creativity and the flexibility. He appreciates the booty. He wants them around for more than two episodes. Lil Mama agreed and loved the body wave. Rainen loved the sexiness, but he wanted to see some more styles.

Fly Khicks
Fly Khicks love their sneakers

Fly KhicksFly Khicks
Traci and Michelle

Fly KhicksFly Khicks
Gina and Karelix

Fly Khicks at MTV.com.

More on their MySpace page.

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