Thursday, January 29, 2009

Field of Dreams for Cheerleaders 

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By Melissa Lyons
Newcastle Herald
KnightsCheer was essential, but it was strength and the right moves that scored 30 girls a spot on the Newcastle Knights 2009 cheerleader squad last night.

Tiffany Brailey, 21, was among those selected from an original group of 85 young hopefuls.

It will be the sixth year Ms Brailey has cheered for the Knights, a dream first born when her father took her to games as a child.

"Everyone would stare at me when the cheerleaders came out because I would stand up on my seat and say 'I'm going to be one of them one day'," she said.

The Knights cheer squad has long had a reputation as a breeding ground for women pursuing dance or modeling careers, with former Ms Universe Jennifer Hawkins the most famous example.

Ms Brailey, a dance teacher while not cheering, hopes the squad will give her a taste of Hawkins's success.

"I just live for dancing and there's so many people at the football so it's a good way to be seen," she said.

With no automatic progression, Ms Brailey has had to audition to keep her spot each year.

"It's just the experience the whole rush of walking out on the field and having 26,000 people screaming at you," she said. " It's just so exciting."

[Newcastle Knights Cheer Squad]

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