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'Babes' Program Fit for New Mothers 

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BY Brooke Romney
The Arizona Republic
Patty Termini looked in the mirror last week and for the first time in a long time, she liked what she saw.

The Chandler mom of four grown children says she hasn't felt this good about herself in years. "I want to put makeup on before I go to work because I feel like I'm worth it," said Termini, a schoolteacher. "Even my kids (students) have noticed how much happier I am."

This is because of her first four-week session of Arizona Boot Camp Babes, a group exercise program held at Veterans Oasis Park in Chandler.

"I've tried all the exercise options - gyms, personal trainers, videos - but this is the only thing that has really worked for me," Termini said.

Andrea, Cardinals CheerleaderWhat Termini likes so much is the instructor, Andrea Friedman, and the camaraderie she feels from the other women she sweats with.

"Andrea is amazing," Termini said. "She tailors the workout around my shoulder and knee injuries but still pushes me. I was sore after every class I attended, but that good kind of sore. And I love the women there. They've become my friends."

Friedman's spunky personality persuades women for 60 minutes to push their bodies as far as possible. She wants these women to be satisfied with themselves as much as they want it. She has walked in their workout shoes before and knows what a difference fitness can make.

Once a Cardinals Cheerleader with an enviable six-pack, Friedman became pregnant with her first baby and gained 80 pounds that didn't want to come off.

"I understand what it feels like to wake up in the morning and not like who you see in the mirror," she said.

Friedman wanted to be a healthy, active mom for her son, Ryder, so she put everything she had into regaining her physical and emotional fitness. Feeling her healthy self again felt so good she wanted to share it with other moms, so she created Arizona Boot Camp Babes.

Friedman not only provides an intense workout that pumps your heart and muscles three times a week, but keeps things interesting with intervals, weights, obstacle courses, relays and varied equipment. She also makes each session personal with her initial measurements and goal setting, upbeat personality, health and nutrition cards, daily fitness tips and contests to keep women motivated.

Friedman knows how hard it is for moms to find time to workout, so with her class she offers free child care.

"I love the free child class and care that is offered," said Amber McKinley, a Chandler mom of two. "The kids play outside across the park with two instructors, and even my 17-month-old likes it. I can keep my eye on her while she plays and still get a great workout."

Friedman's caring, personal approach is genuine. Every participant has her cellphone number and e-mail and she can be heard saying, "Just call me if you have a question or need some help. Just call me." She has become a genuine friend and mentor to the women in her classes.

McKinley values that friendship.

"I've struggled with maintaining my pre-baby body," she said. "I've done gyms and other boot camps without results, so I was skeptical. However, since starting two months ago, I have lost several inches and pounds and am completely impressed with Boot Camp Babes."

For more information visit BootCampBabesAZ.com.

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