Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sweethearts Set to Unveil 2009 Calendar 

Posted by Sasha at 9:50 PM ET

The Sweethearts are back! It's been a busy year for Sweethearts for Soldiers. Sweethearts Director Bari Yonkers gave us the scoop on what the group has been up to:

"...I wanted to let you know about our 2009 Sweethearts for Soldiers calendar that will be released in January! We are excited to announce that the 2009 calendar will feature 20 Sweethearts, all former NFL cheerleaders from 7 different teams! This years theme is "All American" and people can check it out and order at www.Sweetheartsforsoldiers.com. We couldn't have done it without our gracious sponsors and are forever grateful for the money and resources donated to keep our cause alive!

2008 was an exciting year for the Sweethearts for Soldiers. We had a calendar handshake tour to Iraq and Kuwait back in March where we got to meet and greet tons of men and women of our military and personally thank them for their sacrifice to our country. The Sweethearts also debuted their 90 minute variety show in September at Camp As-Saliyah and Al Udaid Air Force Base, Qatar. On top of all of the touring, the Sweethearts also teamed with Operation Homefront for the 9/11 Remembrance walk, the Phoenix Thunder's golf outing, and Sweetheart Brianne performed for Bend, Oregons Memorial Day Event honoring all of our country's Veterans.

Calling all NFL Alumni
The Sweethearts for Soldiers will start accepting applications for the 2010 calendar in February. Interested parties must be a former NFL Cheerleader with a deep passion for supporting our troops. They should contact Sweethearts Director Bari Yonkers at Bari@Sweetheartsforsoldiers.com"

Bari also sent us a few photos in advance of the calendar:

Stacie, Former Charger Girl (and owner of our PCB sponsor Zonas Designs) graces the cover

Amy and Brita, former cheerleaders for the Arizona Cardinals

Sara Beth and Stacie, former cheerleaders for the San Diego Chargers.
(Yep, Stacie was on two teams, the Cardinals and the Chiefs)

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