Saturday, December 20, 2008

NFL Week #15 - Buffalo Jills Away Game Party 

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From the Buffalo Jills and Bandettes Blog:

Going into the season, all but 7 teams who started with a 4-0 record since 1990 made the playoffs at the end of the year. Thanks mostly to a play call on 2nd and 5 that ended with QB JP Losman getting sacked on a drive in which the Bills were in a 4-minute offense to chew up clock, with RB Marshawn Lynch ramming the ball down the throats of the collective Jets defense, the Bills lost the ball and had the fumble returned for a TD when all they had to do was hold onto a 3-point lead. That play call and fumble not only lost the game for the Bills but helped make them the 8th team to start 4-0 and miss the playoffs since 1990.

Buffalo Jills

With the play of the Bills the last few weeks, attendance at the 103.3 The Edge Away Game parties at Rhino's Rock Bar in Orchard Park has tailed off and here's a few reasons to kick yourselves for missing it this week. The Jills didn't send two girls to the party this week, they sent three. Super-cute rookie dancer Lonna was there along with a pair of 2nd-year vets. Providing the veteran presence were a couple of young ladies having big years for the Jills. Vincenza is the covergirl for this year's Buffalo Jills Swimsuit Calendar. The other vet got her year made big just this past week. While NFL players find out on Tuesday, December 16th, who's making the Pro Bowl, the Buffalo Jills elected Jessica a week prior to that, on the 9th.

More photos at Phil's Blog.

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