Wednesday, December 03, 2008

NFL Week #13 - The Buffalo Jills 

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From the Buffalo Jills & Bandettes Blog:

Once upon a time, the Buffalo Bills took great pride in their decided advantage in poor weather against warm weather teams. That was back before they spent all of their practices indoors when the weather turned bad. The team that handed the San Francisco 49ers a 26-21 loss in their last visit to Western NY is long gone and even the team that started out the season 5-1 and led the AFC East seems a distant memory as the Bills need to win their final four games and get help from other teams in their attempt to make the playoffs for the first time in 9 years.

Buffalo Jills

Buffalo Jills

While the Bills faltered in their first home match-up against the 49ers in 10 years, the sidelines were filled with ladies who did anything but falter as the Buffalo Jills performed like champions in the cold rain from beginning to end. Prior to the game, fans could get swimsuit calendars, photographs, and autographs from members of the Jills Ambassador Squad. Calendar covergirl Vincenza could be found at the 103.3 The Edge Tailgate party with squadmates Laura and Amanda F while the 97Rock tailgate party featured Katherine and rookies Liz and Alison and there were plenty of fans in both locations meeting these beautiful young women. Inside the Fieldhouse, Brandi and Ambassador Squad co-captain Danielle had their share of fans as well prior to taking the field with Billy Buffalo for the game. Of course before the game could start, someone had to deliver the game ball and Danielle was the one chosen to accompany UPS on the delivery.

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