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Never Say Never Again - From Football Fan to a Cheerleader 

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Our good friend in Germany, Micheal Fleischer is back, this time with a story about a good friend and former German soldier.
Normally I report on dance teams, but this time I make an exception. I introduce you Katja, the hottest export of the former East German and communist Republic (DDR) and a good girl friend of mine. Katja is a great reader of the Cheerleader Blog and carefully reads the site. I think right now she is reading these words.

Glow Fly Dancers

Glow Fly Dancers

Katja lives since 1989 in Düsseldorf. She is a hardcore football fan and Cheerleader of the Glow Fly Dance Team. Katja is the best example of women, who said: "I will never be a Cheerleader" and later they will be anyway. Let's assume, I would go back in time with a Delorean to 4 years ago and show Katja her cheerleader photos, she wouldn't believe me!

In 1999 I was a soldier and met my girlfriend and Rhein Fire Cheerleader Marike in Cologne. Marike tried to take me to the Rhein Fire home some times, but however I couldn't do anything with football. I was a total football noob.

In the end of 1999 I met Katja in my company, she was a trainee in an another department, she won my interest. During the breaks Katja told me a lot about football, Rhein Fire and NFL Europe.

Glow Fly Dancers

Glow Fly Dancers

Unlike to my ex-girl friend Marike, Katja knows best.

In 2001 Katja took me to the Rhein Fire Games and inspired me for this sport. I admire the Cheerleaders, who resist wind and weather. And I began my photo work. I asked Katja, if she want to be a Cheerleader. She answered me, "Never, never ever!"

I'm not sure when Katja was infected with the cheerleader virus, probably as we saw the motion picture Girls United. I think the DVD is at Katja's home now.

Glow Fly Dancers

Glow Fly Dancers

In 2005 Katja's interest in cheerleading came to a maximum, she combed meticulously through the world wide web and downloaded cheerleader pictures and videos.

I took Katja to the Dance Academy GSA and to the cheerleading championships. Later Katja was more and more involved in the scene without any effort on my part. As staff member Katja supported the former Düsseldorf Magics and then the Pantherettes (now Glow Fly Dancers).

Sometimes I drove to the fitness or sport centers of my girls. As I visited Glow Fly, I saw Katja on the settee again and she watched the girls at training. I couldn't see this unsustainable situation anymore and ask the trainers to show Katja an 8-count. I know Katja wouldn't try out if I watched, therefore I said to me I will take absence from my visits for some time.

In 2007 I saw Katja in a cheerleader costume and dance the first time. That's not Katja I thought, I barely recognized her. She was so hot.

Then it didn't take long Katja's name was traded by some dance teams here in Düsseldorf. She was still loyal her team, Glow Fly. Katja is now dancing for the indoor handball team HSG.

Katja does a great job as cheerleader. She is crazy, she is hot and a great dancer - I like her.

Cheers Michael

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