Tuesday, December 16, 2008

MVC Training Program 

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MVC Training Program
12/12/2008 | By Lissa, 2-Year Veteran

It’s hard to believe that we are just 18 weeks away from 2009 Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader auditions. Soon, ladies from across the region will begin to prepare for open auditions which typically fall the first week in April.

For a special group of 24 women, preparing for these auditions has been a weekly endeavor over the past seven months. The MVC Training Program is designed to give advanced training to a hand-picked group of women who stood out during last year’s auditions and prepare these women for success in next year’s try-outs. Coached by MVC Alumni Erin Newburg and Beth Hoffman, the Training Program meets weekly at Winter Park to work on dance technique, conditioning, MVC style choreography, poise, confidence, and many other topics that will give them an edge in April.

When asked what their biggest take-away from Training Program has been thus far, member Laura shared the following, “Beth and Erin are positive role models. They are our biggest fans. They teach us to work hard and prepare as much as possible and then take all of our training and go out and shine!”

The Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders are known for having competitive auditions. Having such a valuable program to prepare women for try-outs raises the bar for the rest of us even higher! Coach Beth and Erin are proud of these 24 women and said, “They are all working so hard to reach their dream of becoming an MVC; all of them would make an excellent representative for the MVC - we are excited for auditions in the spring!”

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