Friday, December 05, 2008

Jets Flight Crew Diary: Linda 

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Linda: The Flight Crew, Hour by Hour
New York Jets
December 2, 2008

12/02 — Hey, Jets fans! It’s Linda from the Flight Crew.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Time is just flying by these days. I can’t believe we only have two more home games this season. I am sure every Jet fan is enjoying this season just as much as I am. It is so exciting being a part of such a great team and an absolute dream to be a second-year member of the Flight Crew.

Nothing beats being on the field on gamedays. However, there is a lot that goes on “behind the scenes” in order for the Flight Crew to be 100 percent prepared for gamedays.

Two to three times a week we have three-hour practices. The first hour consists of warming up and working out. We have the most intense workout sessions. Our director pushes us to the limit, having us work muscles that I didn’t even know existed in my body!

The next two hours are dedicated to learning dance and flag choreography, running through game plans, practicing interview skills and learning the history of the Jets along with facts about the game of football.

Occasionally, our director will give us little pop quizzes to keep us on our toes. You never want to be the girl who forgot the year we won the Super Bowl or the history of the infamous Heidi game. Therefore, it is safe to say that every girl on the team is fully up to date on all Jets facts. By the time practice is over, we are all completely wiped out!

Like our practices, gamedays are non-stop action-packed events. My day, along with the rest of the Flight Crew, begins eight hours before the game even starts.

The first thing we do when we arrive at the stadium is have field rehearsal, where we run through the entire game plan. It is so different being on the field when the stadium is empty. Sometimes our rehearsals are interrupted by sound checks, wet paint and the occasional photo opportunity, but overall they run smoothly.

Promotional appearances are next. This is when we get to meet and greet the Jets fans! This is one of my favorite parts because we get time to talk with fans, take pictures and sign autographs. It still shocks me that fans know us by name.

Finally we return back to our locker room, touch up our hair and makeup and huddle up for the 1-2 Flight Crew chant. It is not until all that is said and done that the game begins.

It takes a lot of time, hard work and dedication to be a member of the Flight Crew, but when I walk out of that tunnel, with my flag held high, hearing 80,000 screaming Jet fans, there is no doubt in my mind that it is all worth it. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and words cannot express how truly amazing it is to be a Flight Crew member!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season! Go Jets!

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