Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Where is She Now: Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Ryan 

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RyanRyan is a small-town country girl who traveled to the "big" city and made her dreams come true. At the age of 19 she left home in Northeast Pennsylvania (NEPA) and moved 1200 miles away to South Florida. There she accomplished all the goals she had set out for herself. She made it to the NFL, cheering for the Dolphins for the 1998-99 season. She was part of a major motion picture with a small role in Oliver Stone's Any Given Sunday, and worked as a dancer on a music video. Then she settled down, married, had a son (Zander), built a brand new home and lived happily as a wife and mother.

Ryan developed a career as a childrens fitness instructor/cheer coach. The relationships she developed within the community she earned her the label of "Parenting Expert" and led her into the world of Life Coaching. She was a practicing Coach in Jupiter, Florida while also running a Parenting Forum Group.

Then in the spring of 2007 Ryan suffered a grand-mal seizure and was taken to the emergency room. Investigation by the medical team led to the conclusion that Ryan had suffering from a form of epilepsy for most of my life. Ryan had always experienced "auras" or mini-seizures with out knowing what they were. She had just dismissed this "odd" feeling that occasionally came over her.

Ryan is in the second row from the top, third from the left

Faced with this diagnosis and the thought of something happening to her before she could see her NEPA family again, (Ryan has 4 younger siblings and dozens of cousins in NEPA) Ryan and her husband decided to pack up, sell their home and relocate to Northeast Pennsylvania.

So after spending a decade in South Florida her family returned to her childhood home of Mt. Cobb, Pennsylvania. Today, Ryan is part of a family-owned and operated business. It's a septic & portable restroom company that handles other environmental needs as well. She manages all of the office and administrative responsibilities while her brother handles the labor and work force. She also does promotional modeling work for Miller Lite

Ryan Ryan also serves as "Room Mom" for her son's school class and raises him full-time. The only times she is not with Zander is when he's at school or she's at dance rehearsal.

A chance encounter earlier this year led to an audition for the Pony Express, the WBS Pioneers Dance Team, and she's thrilled to be part of the team. Ryan says that the NFL has a lot going for it, "Nothing beats the excitement of Arena Football."

Ryan has spent as much time as possible doing charity appearances for the Pioneers, and says that has been her favorite part of her rookie season. She gets to give back in the greatest ways to everyone she loves and holds dear. Ryan says, "Being able to give back to the world is one of the greatest reasons to be involved in professional sports. It give you a platform and a place to go to become involved."

And when Ryan hits the field, there is no bigger fan than Zander! She says she feels amazingly blessed and proud to be a 30 year-old single mother and still be able to rock and wear the uniform in pro sports!

Ryan on the far right.

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