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Vikings Cheerleaders Visit the Troops 

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MVC at Fort Lewis
By Krisan, 2nd Year Veteran

Day 1 Friday 10/3/08

Amanda, Amber, Sarah and I arrived at the Seattle, WA airport this morning ready to meet the troops at Fort Lewis. Megan, our host, was there to pick us up and we were on our way to lunch and the first visit of the day.

First stop was the Evergreen Chapel and from there we visited 6 companies within the base. All of the troops we visited today just returned home from a 15 month tour in Iraq. They were members of the infantry division. We were honored to be in their presence and grateful they made it home safe.

While we visited the companies we had the opportunity to witness the promotion of 2 soldiers and even participate in SGT Jackson’s promotion ceremony. During the promotion ceremony words of the soldier’s character and promotion are read aloud from a higher ranking officer. Then the solider receiving the promotion had the opportunity to say a few words to his company. Next the current rank badge is ripped from the soldier’s uniform and the new rank is patched on. Lastly, without hesitation and just like the movies, 2 punches are given to the recently promoted solider on his/her new rank patch.

It was an honor to stand beside SGT Jackson during this promotion ceremony and witness the others.

As an added bonus before we left the base we toured the MP (military police). The highlight of our tour at the MP was shooting a tazergun!

It was a great day in Ft Lewis for Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders! We are looking forward to tomorrow to meet the fire fighters and continue our visit with everyone at Ft Lewis. We are also excited to meet and share the day with the Tennessee Titan Cheerleaders who are here visiting the troops also!

Day 2 Saturday 10/4/08

Despite the rainy weather, Amber, Amanda, Sarah and I were up bright and early for a version of our own MVC PT. We had a beautiful, refreshing, and energizing run along side an evergreen forest! Then with a little breakfast we were off to Ft Lewis.

We had two visits today along with Titan Cheerleaders: Mel, Mel, Leigh, Julia. The first stop was with the FT Lewis Fire Fighters and the final visit was at the PX (military store) with the troops and their families.

This weekend the Fire Fighters at Ft Lewis were kicking off National Fire Prevention week so we dropped in at the kick off party to see what it was all about!

While we were at the kick off party we visited with soldiers and family members of those serving our country took pictures and signed autograph cards. Sarah and I had a special surprise as we ran into a couple of soldiers who we met back in February on Super Sunday Tour in Iraq. They were stationed at FOB Grizzly, one of our favorite stops in Iraq. It was great to say Hi and see soldiers who had a safe return home. Also, the Fire Fighters took us on a fire engine ride around Ft Lewis! Sarah and Amber pulled the sirens as we barreled through the streets of Ft Lewis!

Our final visit of the day was at the PX. Megan, Pat and all the people who made this trip possible had a table set up for us with a welcome poster. We had the opportunity to meet hundreds of troops and their families. There were even Vikings Fans that came out to see us. We love to see purple and gold when we are visiting places across the globe! We signed autograph cards, took pictures, and sold the MVC 2008 – 2009 Swimsuit Calendars. And just like that the day was done.

We had a wonderful trip to Ft Lewis. Thank you to Tami, the Vikings Organziation, Megan, Pat, Titan Cheerleaders: Mel, Mel, Leigh, Julia and all the soldiers and their families for helping to make it such a memorable experience for us!

It was an honor to spend the weekend in Ft Lewis. Hope to see everyone again soon.

Go Vikes!

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