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Dancing Into the Home Opener
Nov. 4, 2008
Sacramento Kings

Sacramento Kings Dance Team member Candace blogs about the importance of the preseason and her excitement for the Kings Home Opener.

Hey Kings Fans!

It seems like yesterday we were having our Dance Team auditions, but it's already been a busy Fall! With the preseason games completed, we are now moving into the Kings home opening four-game home stand. The Dance Team has been extremely busy with rehearsals, appearances and commitments.

Preseason was a good learning experience for the new Dance Team members. It's important for us to be comfortable on the court, since it's such a rush performing in front of all the Kings fans at ARCO Arena. It also gave us the opportunity to get out the kinks and nervous bugs before we step onto the court for the new season. Even though it's my fifth year on the team, I still get butterflies like crazy each time I get ready to perform. So preseason is a good warm-up, even for the veterans!

I am so excited to debut some of our newest routines. We've been working with various choreographers who have a lot of experience working with some of the top names in the entertainment industry. So we feel fortunate that we had a chance to work with them. We continue to practice endlessly in order to perfect our high-caliber routines. If there's one thing I can promise this year, it's going to be our energetic and explosive dances. I can't wait!

Another exciting addition to the SKDT this year will be the debut of our newest Dance Team costumes. Thank you to all the fans that voted for your favorite SKDT costume! Along with all of the excitement planned for the Kings Home Opener, it will be very special for us to unveil our newest Dance Team threads. We've had a great experience working in conjunction with the students and staff at the IADT Academy of Design and Technology. It's generated more excitement for us and for our fans!

Now I'm off to another rehearsal. The Dance Team will be at ARCO for the next 11 days straight! It's all very exciting. However, I think we need to bring our sleeping bags to practice with us and just camp out there for the next week! I don't mind campfires and roasted marshmallows! For some of us ARCO becomes a second home, but as they say, "Home is where the heart is!"

I can't wait to see you all at the games. Stay tuned for more updates from me and the Sacramento Kings Dance Team!

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