Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Panthers Ice Dancer Halloween 

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Kelli's Korner: Halloween
Florida Panthers
Nov 3, 2008
Florida Panthers

Halloween is my favorite time of year and I was so excited to be dancing at the Halloween game on Thursday against the Senators. For our first number we did a routine to the theme song of Pink Panther; hence the pink boas!

Judy, Kelly, Angela, Pamela, Kelli, Victoria, Tatiana & Peggy

During the intermission break we went down to our locker room to change into our Halloween costumes to dance to the Ghostbuster’s theme song… Who you gonna call??

We even threw out candy to the fans during our dance routines!

Kelly (Raggedy Anne), Angela (Firefighter), Pamela (Fairy), Kelli (Queen of Hearts), Tatiana (French Maid), Victoria (Gypsy), Peggy (Ice Bunny) & Judy (Goldilocks)

And for my favorite dance number of the night, we performed to Michael Jackson’s THRILLER!!!!!!! Aren’t we scary???

You know you're scared!

I’m sure all of you heard that Senator Barack Obama was at the Bank Atlantic Center to give a speech this past week. Well...he just so happened to be at our Halloween game as well! How crazy!?

Pamela, Kelli, Barack, Kelly, Angela & Peggy

HAPPY HALLOWEENIE EVERYONE! Hope you all enjoyed the game! ;)


PS: One of my favorite Pro Cheerleader Blogs got a hold of the UnRestricted photos and even the pictures of Desi and I in Growl Magazine. Click here to check it out!

Woo! A shout-out from the Panthers Ice Dancers. We're a mutual admiration society :-)

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