Sunday, November 23, 2008

NY Dragons Dance Team Final Auditions 

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Last Sunday the New York Dragons held the final auditions for their 2009 Dance Team. I'm always torn when I attend an audition. It's an exciting experience, but it's really tough to watch ladies who gave it their all get cut.

It took two routines and two cuts but here is the 2009 Dragons Dance Team

NY Dragons Dance Team

After the team was selected we got a sneak peek at the new uniform. But it's a big secret, so sorry no photos. It may still be tweaked a little, but from what I saw, I think fans will like the new look

NY Dragons Dance Team
The Pro Cheerleader from Wasilla, Alaska. Jeanine lived in Wasilla as a young girl. She later moved to California went to college at San Francisco State University and danced for the Sacrament Kings for two seasons. She's now a flight attendant.

NY Dragons Dance Team
Ashley is studying Radiology at CW Post.

Dancing for two teams is not unheard of. The Laker Girls double as the AFL Los Angeles Avengers A-Team. The Colorado Crush Girls are all Denver Nuggets Dancers, and back when the Nashville Kats were still around their dance team the Music City Kittens were made up of Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders. But...

NY Dragons Dance Team
This is the first time I've come across someone dancing for two teams IN TWO DIFFERENT CITIES! Amanda Eve is a rookie Philadelphia Sixers Dancer. She's also back for another season with the Dragons Dance Team. She says she has to leave Queens about 4pm for Sixers practice, and gets back around midnight.

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