Friday, November 14, 2008

NY Dragons Dance Team Auditions - First Round 

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FireDancers No More

Auditions for the AFL New York Dragons Dance Team took place last Sunday across the street from Nassau Coliseum, and over 60 young ladies from all over the tri-state area turned out. The team is getting a new name (to be announced at a later date) and new uniforms (team colors are now green, grey and black). It's part of all the exciting changes being implemented by the teams new owners.

Dragon Dance Team Auditions
The gymnasts from West Babylon, NY: Alissa and Fallon. Dancers had a two eight counts to free-style before performing the routine they had been taught. Alissa and Fallon used that opportunity to do some flips. I've never seen anything quite like it. Unfortunately, you can't see it as I struggled with the lighting conditions. (As you'll see in the rest of the photos.)

Dragon Dance Team Auditions
Dragon Dance Team Coach Phyllis Montalvo teaches the choreography. Beginning her ninth season with the Dragons, Phyllis is a former dancer for the nationally-ranked Cal. State-Fullerton dance team, where she later became coach and choreographer. The squad was named ESPN National Champions while under her direction and has continued to win the title for four consecutive years. She also served as a dance instructor for the "Tribute to Motown" routine performed at halftime of Super Bowl XXXII in San Diego in 1998. Phyllis is a native of Yorba Linda, CA and graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Dance/Supplement, Kinesiology.

Dragon Dance Team Auditions
People always talk about how tough football players are. Well let me introduce you to an even tougher dancer: Michelle. Michelle auditioned with a dislocated rib. Not impressed? Michelle is a Breast Cancer Survivor. Inspiring story, but does that make her tough? How about this - after her surgery she didn't miss a game or even a Dance Team Practice! When she's not being incredibly strong, this former New England Patriots Cheerleaders is a World Class Make-up Artist.

Dancers who made it through the first round will be back on Sunday for final auditions.

More photos (I apologize for the graininess) in the gallery.

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