Friday, November 07, 2008

NFL Week #9 - Buffalo Jills 

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From the Buffalo Jills and Bandettes Blog:

During the 1st quarter of the season, Bills QB Trent Edwards, played, for the most part, like an established veteran even with the lack of a complimentary running game. Over the 2nd quarter of the season, however, that lack helped expose the 2nd year passer, especially in the divisional games against Miami and the Jets. The lack of the running game has allowed the opposing defenses to tee off on the young QB and force him into making turnovers bad decisions with the ball. This Sunday, for the 1st time in his career, Brett Favre left Buffalo in a good mood because he didn't come out on the losing end of the game despite the fact that the crowd was in a frenzy most of the day.

Buffalo Jills
Vincenza, Keshia, Brandi, and Laura

Buffalo Jills

But this site is less about the games than it is about the beauties who cheer on the Buffalo sports teams. Prior to the game, you could find members of the Ambassador Squad at tailgate parties put on by 97Rock and 103.3 The Edge selling and signing calendars as well as posing for pictures with the fans. You could even purchase prints of yourself posing with Keisha, Laura, Vincenza, and Brandi at the 103.3 The Edge tailgate party. Inside the Fieldhouse, while the official pregame show was being broadcast, Danielle and Liz took photos with dozens of fans as well before spending the day escorting Billy Buffalo around the field. Following a rousing pregame performance that followed the game ball delivery by 3rd year vet Christina, the dance squads, led by captains Omarlla, Jamie, and Nicole then took to the sidelines to help keep the crowd going loud from the opening kickoff until late in the game.

More photos at Phil's blog.

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