Friday, November 28, 2008

NFL Week #12 Buffalo Jills at the Bills Away Game Party 

Posted by James at 3:00 PM ET

From the Buffalo Jills and Bandettes Blog:
With the recent 4-game losing streak that the Bills went on, attendance at the 103.3 The Edge Away game party at Rhino's waned a bit this week and the regulars who missed the event are probably kicking themselves after the Bills woke up and clobbered their old AFL rivals, the Kansas City Chiefs by a score of 54-31. The crowd was louder at Rhino's for this game than it had been the previous 2 away games with only about half the people. Of course 10 scores by the Bills may have had something to do with that.

Phil and Christina
Phil and Christina

Well, not to kick someone when they're down, but there are some other reasons that the regulars who missed should be kicking themselves. Part of the promotion includes a squares contest in which winners take home prizes like t-shirts and the like for having the correct score at the end of a quarter. Well, this week, there were a few added bonuses. At the end of the first half, one lucky person walked around with a brand new snowboard from Yuengling, one of the sponsors of the away game parties. The final score even got a grill. And of course, with 10 Bills scores in the game (6 TDs and 4 FGs), there were increased chances to sign up for the 42" LCD TV that is to be won at the end of the season.

The rest of Phil's photos are here.

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