Friday, November 21, 2008

NFL Week #11 - Buffalo Jills 

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From the The Buffalo Jills & Bandettes Blog:
After a game on National TV in which the Bills' passing game and coaching were putrid to say the least, we won't waste time talking about the game on the field. Instead, all the comments on this will be about the ladies who performed like World Champions from the pregame through the end of the night, the Buffalo Jills.

Buffalo Jills
Lynn, Amelina, and Stephanie Br

Prior to the game, as usual, we could find the Jills Ambassadors at the big tailgate parties thrown by their chief sponsors from Citadel Broadcasting. Brandi, Liz, Katherine, and Sarah handled the crowds at the 103.3 The Edge Tailgate party while Danielle, Keisha, Amanda F, and Vincenza were pretty swamped at the 97Rock Tailgate party selling calendars and pictures with the fans. With Monday Night Football going on, the Fieldhouse was closed and while the official Bills pregame show was being broadcast right next to them, Laura and Alison posed for pictures with some of the fans at the Molson Ultimate Tailgate Party. But the Jills were far from done as the dancers got into the tailgate party as well with a couple of rousing dance performances an hour prior to kickoff of the game over on the far end of Lot C from Laura and Alison. Prior to taking the stage, they even posed with a few of the fans who were nearby waiting to see them perform.

Buffalo Jills
Alison, Laura

After wrapping up at the tailgate parties, the Jills went back inside the stadium for the game where Laura and Alison spent the evening accompanying the Bills' mascot, Billy Buffalo.

Buffalo Jills

After Eileen took the field to deliver the game ball, the dancers joined her onfield for a pregame performance before heading to the sidelines to help keep the crowd pumped up when the team faltered on the field.

More photos and video at Phil's blog.

[Buffalo Jills]

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