Sunday, November 23, 2008

NFL and NBA cheerleaders are mainstream attraction 

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November 23
by Tom Ferda
Sports Examiner

Sports fans seem to be looking for more than an occasional break from the usual sports news, blogs and picture galleries offered on the web throughout the week. When we think sports, we think ESPN. When ESPN thinks sports, they include cheerleaders.

According to my research, the word ‘cheerleaders’ is searched more than 3.5 million times a month on Google and further research found that the mainstream media is jumping on that bandwagon by offering galleries of these beautiful women in action.
Sports Illustrated, a magazine that is internationally known for its annual Swimsuit Edition, adds a weekly update of NFL and NBA cheerleader galleries.

NFL.com, the main source for scores, news and latest pigskin updates also updates and promotes their NFL cheerleader galleries on the same weekly basis.

The NBA team websites post updated game and promotional galleries of their girls and sponsors an annual competition for their team’s squads. The Miami Heat dancers have run away with a victory in that competition a few years in a row now.

There’s a huge market for this form of entertainment. The girls with the pom-poms are even getting involved in marketing themselves. There are cheerleader blog sites that are used by many of these women who are members of different squads throughout the leagues.

The promoting of professional cheerleaders has evolved into a huge market and has found a place right in the center of mainstream sports.

Oh, by the way, Brett Favre and the first-place Jets play the undefeated Titans today. Enjoy your football Sunday.

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