Saturday, November 29, 2008

Laura's Iraq Diary 

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Earlier this year, five Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders traveled from the sidelines to frontlines as part of a 12-day tour to entertain troops stationed in Kuwait and Iraq.

Second-year veteran Laura celebrated her birthday while she was in Iraq and kept a blog while she was on tour:

I'm officially in Iraq. I've flown in a Chinook, a CH-53 and another air craft (helicopter family) that I forget the name of. We've visited 6 or 7 bases so far and they've all been Marines. They definitely have been spoiling us. Unfortunately they don't have wireless so I haven't been able to upload pictures. I have so many! We got to wear the headsets while in the birds and listen and talk to the flight crew. I also got to sit out the back of the Chinook and overlook the land scape of Iraq. It's crazy how different it is depending on where you go. It goes from sandy and desert like to green and rivers. I saw the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, how many people can say that?

Laura, Eagles Cheerleader

Read all about Laura's trip and see photos here.

Laura at PhiladelphiaEagles.com

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