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Isle Candy 

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Dina, Islanders

New York Islanders Arena Hostess Dina danced for 4 seasons with the AFL New York Dragons.

From the NY Islanders 7th Woman Blog:
Let's just call her the original Isle Candy, as she has been our Arena Hostess since 2002. As there has been much controversy on using beautiful women at sporting events to "enhance the fan experience," I thought this was a good time to do this feature on Dina.

Like many people, when I first saw her on the JumboTron with a microphone and that bright smile, I thought "She's probably a ditz." I learned quickly that's not the case. People are going to assume what they're going to assume no matter what. So let me just start out with my own personal story about Dina before I get into the details of our conversation.

When my daughter and I were waiting to go out onto the ice for Fan Appreciation Day a few years ago, Dina struck up a conversation with us. She was making sure she knew the names of each person who won, and which jersey they would be presented with. Since we had extra time because of a shoot out, we continued to talk. I was really taken with her knowledge of the game and her friendly personality. Okay, so like most other women, I look at a beautiful blond with a microphone and think the worst.

Fast forward to a year later. While my family and I were sitting in the stands during a game, Dina and two Ice Girls walked down the aisle and she sat down on the steps next to Dan. We had been selected for the Lucky Puck Shuffle. Dina looked at my daughter (who had now grown about three inches) and said "I know you! You won Chris Campoli's jersey!"

Dina, Islanders

Read more about Dina at the here.

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