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Guys, don't try cheesy pick-up lines 

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WWE Diva Eve Torres is tired of wrestlers' lame attempts
By Shree Ann Mathavan
The Electric New Paper
November 22, 2008

MEN, listen up.

If you are trying to impress World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Diva Eve Torres, steer clear of corny pick-up lines.

That's because the backstage interviewer on the testosterone-fuelled WWE SmackDown has little patience for unimaginative guys.

The striking 1.73m-tall brunette, who regularly gets male wrestlers hitting on her, told The New Paper during a recent phone interview from California that a few have tried this cringe-worthy line: 'Can I be the Adam to your Eve?'

The 24-year-old, who's currently single, said: 'To me that's just lame and uncreative.'

She added as a dismissive parting shot: 'Male wrestlers can try, but they know that they won't get anywhere with me.'

Not that that she is complaining, however, as she takes the flirting in her stride.

Torres won the WWE Diva Search last year and pocketed US$250,000 ($382,000) and a one-year contract with WWE.

She explained: 'The divas are hired because we are sexy and talented, so getting hit on comes with the territory.'

Divas discovered through the competition typically refer to any WWE female talent - wrestlers, managers, valets, ring announcers or backstage interviewers.

For this green-eyed Latin American, what impresses are men who appreciate 'salsa dancing and intelligent conversation', according to her bio-data.

Dishing out the inside scoop and rubbing shoulders with brawny wrestlers may be a far cry from her industrial and systems engineering studies at the University of Southern California.

But she relishes every bit of her new role and job.

She said: 'There are so many superstars and divas backstage, there's always conflict both on and off stage.

'So the challenge for me is to try to capture that as much as possible.'

Before winning the title, the professional dancer and Los Angeles native appeared on television shows and was a member of the NBA's Los Angeles Clippers Spirit Dance Team for the 2006-2007 season.

Coming across as relaxed and confident over the phone, Torres' throaty voice didn't falter even when asked about chauvinism in the male-dominated environment she works in.


She feels the women in the industry play a significant role too and pointed out: 'What the divas do requires so much strength.

'We are competing, we are fighting, so we have to be pretty strong and powerful. We do earn respect, so I haven't had to face such incidents.'

She has yet to make her debut in the ring. She has been busy trying to earn her wrestling stripes through intensive training since early this year.

Fighting in a match is something that she's looking forward to as she thinks that she will excel given her athletic background.

Torres, who keeps herself in shape with dancing, kick-boxing and running, isn't fazed by the 'usual bumps and bruises' that she got during training.

What preoccupies her now is thinking up new wrestling moves.

She said enthusiastically: 'I definitely have some moves cooking in my brain, but I can't let anyone in on them yet.'

Doesn't moving around in skimpy tops and bottoms - the de facto wardrobe of choice for WWE divas - seem like a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen?

Not so, according to Torres, as her outfits typically go through a review process.

'We experiment with what works and what doesn't...

'The last thing I want to be worried about is wardrobe malfunction, so we avoid any unsuitable outfits.'

What also helps, she said with a laugh, is 'lots and lots of double-sided tape'.

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