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Florida Panthers Ice Dancer Diary 

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Kelli's Korner: Calendar Shoot
Florida Panthers

So we have successfully shot our Calendar in Grand Bahama Island!!! YAAH! When we arrived at the airport we checked our luggage and kissed it good-bye hoping that we would see it when we landed! For those of you who didn’t see the “Making the Calendar” special on FSN for our 2008 Calendar… let me give you a little update. Last year, ALL of the girls’ luggages were not their when we arrived. That means…our hair and makeup people had none of their products and those who didn’t take their bikinis on their carry-on, well… they had no bikinis! We were able to work around it last year and we were lucky enough to get everyone’s luggage later in the night. Fortunately, this year everyone was able to find their luggage as soon as we landed… but of course, I took all my bikinis in my carry on just in case!

Hanging out in the Ft. Lauderdale Airport. Nick from RivalTeesOnline.com provided us with these awesome Panthers Ice Dancers shirts!

As soon as we landed and gathered our belongings, we took a huge bus to our hotel. We stayed at the Pelican Bay at Lucaya and I must say, it was gorgeous!! We slept two to a room and not to mention, we had a beautiful view!

Bus ride over to Pelican Bay at Lucaya!

My view off the balcony!

As soon as we landed and got to the hotel, some of the girls were in the hair and makeup room immediately to get ready for their shoot. Luckily for me, I didn’t shoot the first day so I had extra time to help everyone out and even come on some of the girl’s shoots.

Maritza getting her makeup done before her shoot on Day 1

Lola, Kelli, Nichole, & Judy on Day 2 taking a boat ride to the Dolphin Encounter! CLICK HERE!

The girls playing on an enormous trampoline in the middle of the ocean on their day off!

On Day 3 we got to take a Jeep Tour by Kayak Nature Tours and later shoot some group shots near the water

Gathered around Nichole looking at pictures on Day 3!

Some of the girls and I went on a sunset cruise to celebrate and dance the night away…

Some of the girls on the Sunset Cruise

Stanley showing off his dance moves

I wish I could show you all more of our pictures but I can’t give too much away. Be sure to get your 2009 Panthers Ice Dancers Calendar. It should be out in late-November!!

We are having our 2009 Calendar Unveiling at Cameo In South Beach on Saturday, November 29th, 2008 at 11pm as well as at the Hardrock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood on Friday, December 5th, 2008. We will have a live performance, a bikini fashion show, and a meet and greet with the Ice Dancers. Can't wait... hope to see all of you there!!!

Buh-Bye Bahamas!! (Judy and Desi on the bus ride back to the airport, CLICK HERE)

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