Thursday, November 27, 2008

Eagles Cheerleaders Pregame Meal Tips 

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From NBC10.com

Some of the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders were kind enough to share their pregame meal secrets for fueling hours of dancing as an NFL Cheerleader with NBCPhiladelphia.com.

It takes a lot of energy to dance throughout a game -- some tips on the pregame meal.

Priscilla, a two-year veteran of the squad, eats for energy before a game -- she tries to have some protein before games. A salad with chicken and mixed fruit normally do the trick to energize long game days.

Rookie cheerleader D'Arcy loves eating Life cereal the morning before a game. "I have a thing for Life cereal," she said.

D'Arcy also needs that protein and tries to sneak some of the scrambled eggs that are cooked in the locker room before games.

Longtime cheerer Amy tries to eat light before games so that she doesn't make herself tired. "I try to get in a good amount of protein (chicken or tuna) and a small salad," she said.

The key for Amy is to drink a "TON" of water so that she doesn't dehydrate during the game.

Four-year-vet Jennifer changes her pregame meal depending on game time. For a 1pm. game she might have a bagel, a 4:15 game she normally eats a wrap and a salad and for a night game she eats pasta with chicken.

Eagles Cheerleaders
Three-year veteran Jennifer

Jennifer has some hopes for the Eagles Thanksgiving night game. "I'm hoping for some turkey and stuffing," she said.

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