Sunday, November 09, 2008

Doro and the Fire Dancers Will Rock the ISS Dome 

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Our friend from Germany Micheal Fischer is back with news and photos of the Fire Agency (the former NFLE Rhein Fire Pyromaniacs).

We had today a photo date with Doro Pesch - a famous rock star and her presentation of her new single Celebrate Night of the Warlock. Doro and the Fire Agency combined the presentation with the Halloween theme.


The Cover of the single is based on Halloween, is colored in orange and shows Doro in a sexy fantasy-outfit. Doro presented her new creation in the front of the City Hall, her hometown in Dusseldorf. The eye-catching Doro also took 6 attractive girls of the Fire-Dancers. The followers of the legendary Rhein Fire Pyromaniacs support not only her photo shooting in the hot witches outfit, but they will also rock with Doro on the stage in the ISS Dome Dusseldorf in December.

Doro said: I have invited the girls to dance to my Fire-Song 'Burn it up'.

See Doro's big concert of her 25-years stage anniversary 13th December 2008.

More photos in the gallery.

[Fire Agency]

[Cheer Dancers]

[Doro Rocks]

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