Sunday, November 09, 2008

Congratulations Tampa Bay Storm Dancers! 

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2009 Tampa Bay Storm Dance Team
November 6, 2008
Tampa Bay Storm

Tampa – The Tampa Bay Storm is pleased to announce the lineup for the 2009 Tampa Bay Storm Dance Team. The team is made up of 16 dancers, 11 veterans and five rookies:

Sasha - 3rd year (Captain)
Charlyne - 4th year (Captain)
Brooke - 4th year
Jessica - 3rd year
Stephanie - 3rd year
Heather - 3rd year
Yanielle - 2nd year
Brittany - 2nd year
Darcy - 2nd year
Leah - 2nd year
Priya - 2nd year


“I am extremely proud of these girls, as well as the ones who were not selected. It is difficult to subject yourself to this kind of scrutiny,” said Tampa Bay Storm Dancer Choreographer Kindra Strocher-Ebanks. “In the end we can only take 16…that did not mean that we did not have 29 amazing young women out there.”

The dancers had to survive three preliminary cuts to become one of 29 finalists. Most of the dancers have been training for months; working out and taking dance classes to prepare themselves to make the dance team. Finalists had additional rehearsals, fitness evaluations, interviews and a final public appearance last week.

“All of these ladies share in their love for dancing and performing. They are gorgeous and talented every year, this year was certainly no exception. The judges had their work cut out for them,” added Strocher-Ebanks. “Every season the dynamic of the team changes, I am excited to get started and to get know this new group.”

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