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Chargers Tailgate Times
Charger Girl Q&A: Rebecca 

Posted by David Allen Tyau at 1:00 PM ET

What do you think about when you're out on the field?

There are so many things going through my head when I am on the field. You have a number of routines to remember, footballs are being thrown in your direction, players and coaches are all around you, and fans are cheering throughout the stadium. It is really overwhelming. Most of the time I think about having fun and inspiring our fans.

What have you learned over the past 4 years?

Over the years I have learned so many things from being a Charger Girl: to be a role model, a friend and a teammate. Most importantly, I've learned to be me and be comfortable with who I am as a woman.

Rebecca, Charger Girls

What has been one of the most rewarding moments?

The most rewarding moments for me are when I am able to spend time with kids in the community. To them you are a Disney Princess, and in reality we are just normal women doing what we love. It is really our chance to be inspirations and role models to these children. Each one of The Charger Girls dreamed to be where they are today and with that drive and determination we hope to inspire the community's youth to do the same and reach for their own dreams. Anything is possible!

Growing up with two brothers, were you a bit of a tomboy?

Growing up with two brothers in Washington I was somewhat of a tomboy, and definitely a daddy's girl. I grew up on five acres with woods as our backyard. We spent everyday exploring the woods. I love camping, hiking, fishing and just about anything else you can do outdoors.

Rebecca, Charger Girls

What about being a girly girl?

Even though I would consider myself a tomboy, I would also say that I am as equally a girly girl. At the age of two my mother started me in dance, and by the age of four I was in beauty pageants. Like any other girl I love shopping, shoes and make-up. I have always had the best of both worlds. I know how to hang out and be one of the guys, but at the same time be a lady.

How do you relax when you're not working or cheering for the Chargers?

There is really not a whole lot of relaxing that goes on in my life. I love to be busy and involved in everything. When I do have some down time, I really enjoy being creative, whether it is scrapbooking or remodeling the house.

Describe the perfect day.

The perfect day would be spent with my family. It would not matter to me what it was that we were doing just as long as we were all together. As you grow older you really begin to realize what is important in life, and for me that is family.

Rebecca, Charger Girls

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