Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Ambidextrous Kristie 

Posted by James at 8:00 AM ET

It is said that President Garfield could write Latin with his left hand and Greek with his right at the same time.

Kristie, Eagles CheerleaderKristie, Eagles Cheerleader

While she doesn't know Classical Greek or Latin, Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader Kristie does share the trait of ambidexterity with our 20th President.

One of her specialities is signing her first name with her left hand and her last name with her right at the same time.

According to teammate Laura, "It's really freaky the first time you see it."

Asked whether this skill extends further, for example hitting a baseball or tennis ball, Kristie explained that it doesn't and she is compleletely lacking in hand-eye cpordination.

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