Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Seattle Seahawks Cheerleader Comes Home to Idaho Falls 

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By Hasti Taghi
Rachel Stewart is a Seattle Seahawks Cheerleader but to young girls in Idaho Falls, she's a role model. Stewart is a 2003 Hillcrest High School Graduate. She was born and raised right here in Eastern Idaho, but her dreams took the young girl to Seattle to cheer for the Seahawks.

Rachel Stewart

"It's changed my life," says Cheerleader Rachel Stewart.

Stewart took a break from the field on Saturday to watch the game against the Forty-Niners at home with local fans of the football team. She also signed posters and Calendars. As a Seahawks Cheerleader, Stewart has been given the opportunity to be a part of the team and do what she loves, but what means most to her now is telling her young hometown fans that anything is possible.

"When I run into little girls and they say they want to do it and they're gonna try out. It's really exciting," says Stewart.

For young girls, Stewart is someone to look up to. A success story from Idaho Falls, she is proof that with a lot of hard work, dreams really do come true.

"My dream is to be a cheerleader. Just like Rachel," says Tayor.

Watch a video of this report here.

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