Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sacramento Kings Dancers Update 

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Andrew Nicholson & Jonathan Santiago
Sacramento Kings
October 10, 2008

Despite the fact all 16 members of the Sacramento Kings Dance Team awoke at 7 a.m. after practicing late last night, they are cheerful and energetic as they primp and prepare for their Kings.com photo shoot.

While the team, which consists of seven veterans and nine rookies, has been working on its routines and bonding for nearly a month, its shoot will produce the team photo for Kings fans' first glimpse of the 2008-09 squad.

As she worked the camera, first-year SKDT member Gina showed no signs of anxiety.

"I’ve done photo shoots before but they’re usually stressful," Gina said smiling. "But since it’s a bigger group and I'm with my teammates, I'm calmer and more relaxed."

Ranging from smiles to pouts, the dancers encompassed all emotions as they posed for the flashing lights. And like the young crop of Kings talent, the wealth of new dancers brings revitalization to the team.

"We’re restarting everything," five-year SKDT veteran Jeannie said. "Everything that the fans have known, such as trends we’ve had in the past, is taking a 180."

The most noticeable change is the team's fresh look.

"This year's look portrays a dance team that is more natural," third-year SKDT member Katie said. "Think Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue or Victoria's Secret, that's the look we're going for."

Although their beauty is evident, these dance team members pride themselves on powerful routines which are highlighted by their precise leaps, turns and bounds. Ranging from hip-hop to jazz to novelty, the SKDT has a style that will cater to all preferences of the ARCO Arena crowd.

As dedicated as the team is to putting on a good show game-in and game-out, its greatest impact is off the court.

"Being out in the community is important for everybody," Jeannie said genuinely. "Because it brings us closer and it’s a tangible way of making an impact on people.

"I personally enjoy it because it gives you the opportunity to do something kind for somebody else, and I think all the girls think that way."

As the clock strikes 2 p.m., the dance team members’ positive disposition remains, and the kindness they exude in the community is equally present as they hang out with each other.

With the closing of the photo shoot, the official start of the new era begins. And with that brings a lot of excitement.

"Everything about being on the Dance Team is fun," Katie said in the team's new costume. "The photo shoots are amazing, practicing with the girls, getting to know all the girls individually, the games, the charity appearances, meeting the fans – everything!"

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