Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rookie Charger Girl Q&A: Tamara 

Posted by David Allen Tyau at 8:00 AM ET

From the Chargers Tailgate Times:
Is it difficult working full time and being a Charger Girl?

I am definitely very busy, but since I am organized person, I have been able to successfully balance my career, Chargers Girls and my social life. I have been involved with dance teams since I was young. I feel very lucky to have both a career and hobby I am passionate about. It makes life so much fun!

Tamara, Charger Girls

What's it like working for a huge technology firm and then being a Charger Girl?

I do feel like I am living two different lives. I also fell that they both complement each other in certain ways. I have worked in my career as an account manager selling technology solutions for five years. In addition, my company supports and encourages all employees to have a healthy balance outside of work. As a Charger Girls, I'm involved with an organization that is very professional and provides us with an education on public speaking & business acumen through toastmasters and etiquette courses. That has already enhanced my skills in becoming a better business woman in my career.

What's your advice for young women?

Always strive high and seek out your goals and aspirations. I strongly believe that we all have the capability to accomplish our dreams, but it takes a strong mindset to be motivated to do so. I recommend writing out your goals both personally and professionally in order to stay on track. It's important to be appreciative of the people who love you and the things we are given. If you are happy with yourself and treat others well, good things will happen.

Describe how much work and time it takes to be a Charger Girl.

It is an absolute honor to be a Charger Girl, and with that, we are all very motivated to work hard and be prepared at every weekly practice. Since we learn new material every practice, it's our responsibility to master that choreography before out next practice and set time aside during the week to stay on top of our routines. Aside from practice, we have promos and events that we volunteer for on a weekly basis. It's time well spent!

Who is one of your favorite choreographers?

One of my favorite choreographers this year has been John Peters, who taught us our opening routine for our first game. The choreography was a perfect mix of jazz and cheer to show off our high end dance skills and fun moves to 80's Rock music.

Tamara, Charger Girls

What's one of the best dance performances you've been to?

The San Francisco Nutcracker. The dancers were very talented, taking it to the next level. I aspire to see a play on Broadway sometime this year, too.

If you had a theme song play ever time you entered a room, what would it be?

My theme song would be September by Earth, Wind & Fire. I have always loved this song! I'm not sire if it's because my birthday in September or because of the fun, uplifting beat. I do know that every time I hear it, I get really happy!

[San Diego Charger Girls]

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