Friday, October 10, 2008

Redskins Cheerleaders at NV Homes Open House 

Posted by James at 6:00 AM ET

Last Saturday Mid-Atlantic strayed from the Mid-Atlantic and traveled to Chantilly, Virginia for a Redskins Cheerleaders appearance for NV Homes at Little Rivers Commons.

Redskins Cheerleaders
On hand were Redskins Cheerleaders Shannon and Melanie.

Redskins Cheerleaders
Four-year veteran Shannon is a George Mason University graduate with a B.A. degree in Global Affairs. She works in the legal department of a large global energy corporation.

Redskins Cheerleaders
First-year Cheerleader Melanie graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, and now works as a senior business analyst at a major consulting firm.

Where will the Redskins Cheerleaders be next? Check out their appearance schedule here.

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