Monday, October 20, 2008

North Penn Sports Commission Exhibit 

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On Saturday the North Penn Sports Commission debuted the North Penn Sports Commission Exhibit at North Penn High School.

On display was memorabilia dating back for decades celebrating the achievement of North Penn sports. Also on hand were former North Penn stars and coaches.

Eagles Cheerleaders
Former North Penn sports greats and standouts. Seated on the left is former Eagles Cheerleader Cynthia Campbell Wood. Seated on the right is current Eagles Cheerleader Amanda.

Captain and three year-veteran Amanda
is a student at Kutztown University and scheduled to graduate next December. She had been a Dance major but made the switch to Criminal Justice. She explained her reasoning, "There's only so much you can do with dance, but there will always be jobs in criminal justice."

She isn't exactly sure what sort of job she'd like to do, but is very interested in thr FBI and private investigation.

Because Amanda had never fired a gun before her mom gave her one of the coolest (and unusual) gifts: firearms training.

She learned safe gun handling and operation, shooting fundamentals and range rules. At the end of the day she spent about thirty minutes firing at targets with a 22mm pistol.

Amanda came home proudly carrying her target, telling her dad, an avid hunter, and her boyfriend (he's in the Army) that they had new competition.

Up next Amanda says she's looking forward to going back to the range and shooting 9mms with her boyfriend.

Eagles Cheerleaders
Amanda and Cynthia

Cynthia actually went to high school with Amanda's mom and joked about not showing up at the event when she realized Amanda would be there. She cheered for the Eagles during the 1979-80 season. During that time the Eagles Cheerleaders were known as the Liberty Belles.

The Liberty Belles actually got to travel to some away games. Cynthia performed on the sidelines in Tampa, New Orleans and St. Louis. In New Orleans the Liberty Belles were such a hit Bourbon Street was temporarily renamed Liberty Belle Street.

She was also on the Liberty Belles poster, the same poster I had hanging on my bedroom wall. (My poster is long gone now, but if anyone still has a copy, take a photo and send it to us, please.)

After retiring from cheering Cynthia became a mortgage broker, but later decided that wasn't for her. She decided to follow her real passion: Cooking! She went to Paris and and attended the world famous Le Cordon Bleu. Back in the US she studied under Georges Perrier, the proprietor of Le Bec Fin, universally regraded as the best French restaurant in the country. Today, Cynthia is a successful Personal Chef.

[Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders]

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