Sunday, October 05, 2008

Miss Rose State earns a spot with NBA dance team 

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By Jeff Massie
Sun Staff Writer
The Sun

You could call her a little old fashioned. It’s true, maintaining a busy schedule while making sure to be a good role model is a tad on the conservative side. An occasional night of bingo with her mom is about as wild as it gets, but don’t think this Miss Rose State’s life is a bore.

Megan Johnson is a Choctaw High School graduate from McLoud who now attends Rose State College. A typical day for her begins before the sun rises and doesn’t conclude until Leno is well underway. The different activities keep her busy, which is a good thing she says, because if she’s not working on something, she can get a little restless.

Johnson was brought to Rose State by a number of reasons. For one she wanted to compete in the Miss Teen Oklahoma pageant but needed a local title first. Fortunately for her she was able to earn the title of Miss Rose State College/Midwest City Outstanding Teen. May be a long name, but it yielded serious results.

Because of the time she spent at the school with the pageant she got to know some of the professors and was even offered a job during what was supposed to be a mock interview.

The interviewing skills are something that’s paid dividends.

Johnson first wanted to be a respiratory therapist, but after landing a position as “The Face of 43” for KAUT Channel 43 she has since switched to broadcasting.

As if all that wasn’t enough, these skills, along with a strong background in dance, have lead to her latest venture as a member of the Thunder dance team. Practice for the new NBA’s dance team is right after her kick boxing and water aerobics classes at Rose.

“Everyone has waited so long for the NBA to come to OKC and it’s such a great honor,” Johnson said. “[The team was] not just for looking for girls that are good dancers, but girls that are charismatic and good ambassadors.”

Having always been a sports fan, especially ice hockey and dirt track racing, Johnson is pumped about passing excitement onto the crowd.

Johnson, who turns 20 next week, has always looked up to older dancers so she makes sure she is a good role model when she teaches the McLoud dance team choreography. She still lives in McLoud, she tried Midwest City, but when she couldn’t see the stars at night she decided she needed to head back out to the country. A true down home dancer.

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