Monday, October 13, 2008

Meet the 2008-2009 MVC Veterans 

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By Pamela (5 Year Veteran)

Hello Vikings Fans!

Every year, the MVC veterans bring experience, class, and confidence to their roles as Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders. This year is no exception, as the 2008 round of Veterans bring a combined 72 years of experience to the team. 25 of the 34 women on the team are veterans, and range from two to six years of experience.

In 2007, there were 17 rookies on the team, and 11 of them loved cheering for the Purple and Gold so much that they returned for a second year. The 2008 MVC are so proud to have: Amanda, Amber, Bailey, Brittany, Heather, Jessica, Jessie, Krisandra, Peyton, Sara, and Tristina back for the 2008 season. So far, these savvy second year team members lent their talents to the team by choreographing for both our Senior and Junior Cheer Programs, and led the team through various committee captainships. Ellie and Lissa return to the team after lasting cheering for the Vikings in 2006 and 2005 respectively. As a fifth year veteran, I must admit I was overjoyed to see both of their smiling faces at open auditions this past April!

There are 5 3rd year veterans on the 2008 team. Amanda, Kelly, Kristina, Melissa, and Nicole each bring unique experience and talent to the team. Amanda has traveled to Afghanistan to support our troops while Kelly has sung the National Anthem at several Vikings home games. Kristina serves as chair of the Social Committee, and both Nicole and Kristina represented the MVC in the Miss Minnesota USA pageant in 2007. Melissa was recently accepted to University of Minnesota School of Journalism, and Nicole serves in the Air National Guard. This well rounded group of women have dedicated so much time to making the MVC what it is today, and I am so proud to cheer with them!

Finally, there are 5 fourth year team members, 1 fifth year, and 1 sixth year team member on the 2008 MVC. Kara, Melissa, and Sarah all serve as Captains for the 2008 season. Melissa is the returning Glamour Captain, and helps to keep the 2008 MVC looking beautiful! Kara is the Team Captain for the Game Day Goddesses and Sarah is the Team Captain of the Sideline Sugar. Katie (4th year) is pursuing her Masters degree in Education, and aspires to travel to African and the Bahamas. LeAnne (4th year) has had the privilege of attending of 6 military trips as well as traveling to Mexico on behalf of the Vikings. I am the lone 5th year team member, and serve as Team Captain of the Sassy Seven, while Rachel is the most veteran team member and Team Captain of the Toxic Temptations.

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know the 2008 Veteran MVC a little bit better!

Go Vikes~

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