Saturday, October 11, 2008

Meet The 2008-09 MVC Captains 

Posted by Sasha at 12:33 PM ET

By Andrea (Rookie)

With football season now in full swing, you are sure to run into the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders at the various Vikings events. Let's take a closer look at the talented women who help lead the team, our beautiful captains! Rachel, Pamela, Kara, Sarah, and Krisandra make up the elite group of women who have the privilege to be named team captains for the 2008-2009 football season. The team also has a glamour captain, Melissa, who helps to ensure we always look our best.

Rachel (6th year), Pamela (5th year), Kara (4th year) and Sarah (4th year) are entering their second year as team captains and Krisandra (2nd year) is a new captain this year. These 5 lovely ladies have been working very hard along with head coach Tami Krause all summer long to help make this year’s MVC the best yet.

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