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Lady Cats and Rufus Host Fitness Rally 

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By Malinda Murray

September 18, 2008

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“Step touch to the right, step touch to the left, turn one, two, three and clap,” came the instructions.

Immediately, dozens of feet responded, moving in time to the music, as Lady Cats Kaylie, Linsey and Gigi taught one of their routines to the students at Ashley Park Elementary School in Charlotte.

Learning the dance routine was just one of the elements of a fitness rally conducted by the Lady Cats and Bobcats mascot Rufus Lynx at the school.

Designed to teach kids the importance of physical fitness and healthy eating, the rally exposed the students to a variety of different physical activities.

While one group of students was busy dancing, another group, under the direction of Lady Cats Tia, Brett and Lauren were running relays and doing lunges and squat jumps to work with the students on their cardiovascular strength and endurance.

“We’re with so many kids who are having the best time of their life,” remarked Lady Cat Lauren as she led them through drills. “We are teaching them how to stay strong, how to exercise and how they can become Lady Cats or Bobcats as long as they are staying fit.”

The students also had the opportunity to jump rope with Lady Cats April and Chimere and learn how to properly stretch to increase their flexibility with Lady Cats Jenn and Dawn.

“It’s important to teach kids about physical fitness and being healthy because in America today a lot of people are getting obese and eating unhealthy things,” said Lauren. “It’s just really important to maintain that healthy lifestyle. It’s important for us to be in the community teaching that.”

Following all of the activities, the students were treated to apples, granola bars and bottles of water.

“We’re just big fans of Rufus, the Lady Cats and the Bobcats so this has just been a wonderful experience for us,” remarked Dr. Jennifer Smith, the principal at Ashley Park Elementary. “Focusing on the theme of physical fitness, that’s something that we need to start at a very young age, so this was the perfect situation. It reinforces what we teach in the classroom, so it has been a great day for us.”

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