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Texans CheerleadersLa-Showndra was a Houston Oilers Derrick Doll, a member of the WNBA Houston Comets Team NRG Dancer, a Houston Rockets Power Dancer and a Houston Texans Cheerleader.

Her Film and TV credits include:

Spike TV - 10 Things A Guy Should Do
Nickelodeon - Nick Cannon Superbowl
MTV-TRL-SuperBowl Performer

She also played one of the Dallas Carter High Cheerleaders in the film version of Friday Night Lights.

Today La-Showndra is a successful real estate agent, a mother of three daughters and President/CEO of Cheer USA Championships.

Now in its fifth year Cheer USA Championships is a cheerleading organization that prides itself on the youth and on providing a place where competitive cheerleaders and dancers can compete. The events are designed to show young athletes talent at their levels, skills, and ages. Cheer USA Championships hosts several events in Texas throughout the year.

[La-Showndra's Blog]

[Cheer USA Championships]

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