Monday, October 20, 2008

Ironmen Dancers Promote Harajuku Lovers 

Posted by James at 11:40 AM ET

Why were the the New Jersey Ironmen Dancers dressed up like this on Saturday?

Ironmen Dancers

They were not getting an early jump on Halloween. They were dressed up as the Harajuku Girls to promote the launch of Harajuku Lovers fragrances at Bloomingdale's in Bridgewater Commons.

Ironmen Dancers
Krystal, Lauren, Marisa, Belissa and Cydny

Now, I'm old and certainly not in the target demographic, so I had never heard of Harajuku Girls. They are Japanese backup dancers for Gwen Stefani (who I have heard of). And Harajuku Lovers is Stefani's brand inspired by Japanese youth.

Ironmen Dancers
Marisa as Gwen Stefani

Shoppers were treated to three performances. The Ironmen Dancers also signed autographs, posed for photos and invited patrons to try out the new fragrances.

Fans of the Ironmen Dancers now have even more chance to see them perform. The NJ Ironmen Dancers are also the NJ Devils Dancers, appearing at all home games for both teams. At the Devils home games the dancers are on platforms on both sides of the end zones. Both squads are under the direction of Jacqueline Ritchie.

More photos in the gallery.

[NJ Ironmen Dancers at MySpace]

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