Friday, October 03, 2008

Fomer Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader Launches New Dance Studio 

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MorganFormer Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader Morgan Hora opened her new dance studio Arden Dance Concepts this week.

The name 'Arden' comes from the word ardent, meaning intensely enthusiastic, devoted and passionate. Morgan says she chose this name because she thinks, "It's important to have passion for everything that you do, especially dance! It fit really well with what I was feeling as far as living a passionate life and going for my dreams with intense determination!"

Since retiring from the Cardinals in 2006, Morgan has spoken with so many girls (alumni, aspiring, current dancers, high school grads and seniors) who were looking for a place to dance that was catered to their age group. She decided that if she wanted to keep dancing and choreographing that she was going to have to create her own opportunities

She describes Arden as one of a kind, because it fuses dance, fitness, and fun all in one session. Morgan says that by the end of the workout on Wednesday night, every one of the dancers were 'glistening',and feeling the positive effects of an energy filled hour of dance!

Morgan teaches two sessions each Wednesday and Thursday evening at The Lamar Spa, 5115 N. Scottsdale Road in Scottsdale. The advanced session begins at 6pm and the intermediate session at 7:15. Dancers can choose to come to the session in which they feel the most comfortable.


On the personal side Morgan is now married and has been raising her 11-month old son Cameron at home full-time, so Arden is really her first time venturing out of the house since having her son.

[Arden Dance Concepts]

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